Car Tool Set Kit Manufacturing

Car Tool Set Kit Manufacturing

Bruide factory is equipped with advanced CNC machinery and skilled craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technical design and solutions, comprehensive support and after-sales service, we have ability to provide our customers with the best quality car tool kit sets.

Focus On Smart Manufacturing

Bruide is committed to a highly automated factory production that utilizes industrial automation equipment, CNC precision milling and engraving machines to increase production capacity. The factory is equipped with nearly 200 automated machines to produce engine timing tools, brake tools, clutch tools, etc.
Basic Car Tool Kit Manufacturing Process

Basic Car Tool Kit Manufacturing Process

Design and Drafting of Car Care Tools

Design and Drafting

In the earliest design phase, engineers use computer-aided programs or mechanical drawings to create a first draft of the product drawing. The engineer then reviews the first draft for optimization. Once the design details are approved, drafting is then performed, including the creation of an accurate representation of the object, including a main, top and side view of the item.

Raw Material Inspection of Car Tools And Equipment

Raw Material Inspection

High-quality raw materials are fundamental to the production of high-quality products. For this reason, we strictly screen our raw material suppliers. We cut the raw materials precisely according to the amount and loss of each type of tools for cars.

CNC Machining of Cheap Automotive Tools

CNC Machining

The parameter settings in the CNC program are a very important factor in reducing the chance of some undesirable product details such as poor surface finish, tool pull-out, tool breakage, and unscheduled spindle stops. When these prerequisites and preparations are complete, the machining process can begin.

Metal Plating of Oem Automotive Specialty Tools

Metal Plating

Precise plating improves corrosion resistance, load bearing, electrical conductivity, and weldability, and the life of metal parts is protected, repaired, extended, or improved.

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