Diesel Injector Copper Washer Removal Tool

The copper washers are often left in the cylinder head after the injectors are removed. Our  Bruide B-3011 diesel injector copper washer removal tool can be used to remove the copper injector seal when it has stuck into the head. Allow seals with 7.5-10mm internal diameter adjustment to be removed. The reach of 230mm long is designed to install copper washers on deep seated injectors.

When using, drop the injector removal tool into the hole left by the injector, tighten the handle and lift out the seal.

Diesel Injector Copper Washer Removal Tool Instructions

  • In order to remove the copper seal from the engine, the protrusion of the split collet must be adjusted to match the thickness of the seal to be removed using the appropriate tool. 

  • To adjust the collet, start by loosening the large knurled nut on the top of the tool so that the collet can be turned in the body of the tool. The protrusion of the split collet can then be adjusted by winding it in or out of the body. It is recommended to use a new seal to properly set the protrusion so that the collet sits just above the seal. 

  • After setting the protrusion, remove the seal used to set it and insert the tool collet, with the end facing downward, into the injector tube. 

  • Once the collet is placed in the middle of the fixed seal, tighten the knurled nut to secure the collet around the seal and extract the washer. 

  • Loosen the knurled nut and remove the old seal from the tool by releasing the collet from the seal using your fingers. 

  • Check that the protrusion of the collet is still properly set and repeat the process on all injector seals. 

  • Allow the engine to cool down before attempting any extraction of seals. 

Diesel Injector Copper Washer Removal Tool Specification

Size: inner hole o7, length: 230mm

Package: blow-molded carry case

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