2-Way Hydraulic Ball Joint Removal Tool Kit - For Manually Or By 12 Tons Hydraulic Ram

Bruide B-2062 hydraulic ball joint removal tool to be operated manually or by a 12 tonne hydraulic ram. Features a stepped pedal adapter to mount the supplied manual thrust screw or 12 ton hydraulic ram. Can also be used to split the end of the track bar with anti-roll bar mounting.

Specifications of 2-Way Hydraulic Ball Joint Removal Tool Kit

  • Jaw opening: 303, 440mm;

  • Trust screw lengths: 100, 80 mm;

  • Pivot rod length:125mm

Hydraulic Ball Joint Removal Tool Kit Feature

  • This ball joint splitter is built to handle heavy-duty jobs and comes with interchangeable jaws that allow for easy selection of the correct size without having to bring the entire splitter to the vehicle.

  • The device is capable of manual operation or can be used with the 12 tonne hydraulic ram that is included.

  • It comes packed in a sturdy storage case for safekeeping.

  • Additionally, the splitter features a unique step down tread adapter that enables the fitting of the manual thrust screw or the 12 tonne hydraulic ram.

  • The interchangeable jaws come in sizes ranging from 30mm to 40mm, making it an ideal tool for use with HGVs, buses, agricultural or civil engineering machinery.

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