3 pcs Rear Axle Bearing Puller Car Vehicle Bearings Removal Tool Kit

Bruide B-2041 is used to make easy work of removing semi floating rear axle bearings.

Rear Axle Bearing Puller Kit Applications

  • Insert the flat end of the puller through the bearing's center and position it flat against the bearing's backside. Next, slide a washer down the shaft's center, placing it against the bearing's front side, and tighten the nut on the smaller end of the puller.

  • Attach a slide hammer (not included) to the puller and move it back and forth until the bearing is removed.

  • The washer securely holds the bearing, distributing the force applied throughout the bearing and avoiding damage.

Rear Axle Bearing Puller Kit Specifications

  • Rear axle bearing puller set features sizes that cater to the main bearing tube, ranging from 1 inch to 1-7/8 inches, 1-5/16 inches to 2-3/8 inches, and 1-3/8 inches to 2-7/8 inches.

  • The sizes are clearly marked on the tool with laser-etching for easy identification.

  • Each tool can be used with a basic slide hammer that has a 5/8-inch x 18 thread pitch.

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