Drive shaft separator tool universal 9 holes

Bruide B-2090 allows quick removal of the CV joint from the driveshaft without damaging the driveshaft and can be used for easier and faster removal of the driveshaft from the vehicle.

The washer puller is fully adjustable and is suitable for most vehicles. Saves working time and is suitable for most vehicles.

Maximum CVJ diameter: 3.740 in. Length: 9.055 inches.

Drive Shaft Separator Tool Universal 9 Holes Applications

  • The universal shaft and drive shaft puller is a high-quality car tool created with durable carbon steel. It is designed to be suitable for multiple vehicle models with front wheel drive.

  • This joint shaft puller enables you to remove shaft shafts like a professional. Installation of the drive shaft puller and loosening of the CV joints with a pneumatic screwdriver is all that is required.

  • This professional car tool is practically compatible with almost all car models with front wheel drive, making it an easy-to-use option that every car screwdriver should have in their toolbox.

  • The carbon steel separation tool in this product ensures necessary stability during the removal of CV joints from front drive shafts.

  • With this sturdy shaft drive shaft puller, there is no risk of bending or tearing when removing propellant shafts, as the tool can handle tremendous forces like a professional.

Drive shaft separator tool universal 9 holes Material

Made of iron, strong and durable for long term use

Package includes: 1 x CV joint puller CV propeller shaft separator tool

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