Engine Timing Tool Kit - For Porsche 987/981/997/991

Bruide B-1601 is compatible for holding the camshafts in the timing position during gearwheel installation. It can be also used to turn the crankshaft during installation and removal.

Engine Timing Tool Kit - For Porsche 987/981/997/991 Applications

Porsche 987, 981, 997 & 991

Scope of Delivery of B-1601 Engine Timing Tool Kit

Camshaft Adjusting tool, Camshaft Holding Wrench, Camshaft Adjusting Wrench, TDC Locating Pin & TDC Alignment Pin.

Porsche 911 997 Camshaft Engine Timing Tool Kit Description

  • The kit for aligning engine camshaft timing and tensioner locking is tailored specifically for Porsche models 911, Boxster, and Caymann featuring the MA1 or MAB engine.

  • It is an indispensable tool when it comes to replacing timing chains, installing or removing camshafts, and fixing engine-related issues. Thanks to its strength and an accurate size, the kit makes the work a breeze.

  • Please note that when removing the camshaft adjuster, you have to install a new drive plate behind the NW adjuster during the reinstallation process. Additionally, the MAX friction coefficient must always be observed when tightening screws, especially for MA1.03 models.

  • We recommend using a torque wrench for tightening the rotation angle of the screws on the exhaust and intake camshaft adjusters (usually 5NM + 65°) and a maximum value of 30NM. For other models, different tightening values apply, and the coefficient of friction note does not come into play.

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