Glow Plug Heater Element Removal Set 8/ 10mm Electrodes Drilling Tapping

Bruide B-3065 glow plug removal kit is designed for removing the heater element efficiently without to remove the cylinder head. The thread is tapped by drilling a hole in the broken component so that it can be extracted with the provided glow plug adapter.

B-3065 Glow Plug Removal Tool Kit Description

  • The glow plug puller set includes a durable blow-molded toolbox that ensures secure storage, effortless mobility, and efficient organization.

  • The toolbox has a groove that safeguards the glow plug removal tool against abrasion and facilitates neat arrangement once used.

  • The kit eliminates the anxiety of losing or damaging the glow plug removal tools.

  • Seven drilling tapping guides

  • Five glow plug extraction adaptors with either a M8 or M10 thread.

Glow Plug Puller Kit Feature

  • Glow plug puller kit boasts superb craftsmanship and is constructed with premium metal materials, having undergone rigorous quality checks.

  • It possesses outstanding qualities such as a high level of hardness, strength, and wear resistance, resulting in superior durability, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance for prolonged use.

  • Moreover, the ergonomic design of the glow plug removal tool ensures ease of operation and remarkable performance for an enhanced working experience.

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