Hydraulic Brake Flaring Tool Set 18 Pcs

Bruide B-3059 Double reaming tool for brake lines in cars.

Lightweight design for use directly on the vehicle.

Suitable for steel, aluminium, brass and copper lines.

Also suitable for coated lines.

For double and convex reaming.

Hydraulic Reaming Tool Brake Line Reaming Tool Set 18 Pcs Contents

- Base (holder for clamping jaws)
- Counterpressure plate
- Spindle
- Swinghandle for spindle - Clamping screw
- Pair of clamping jaws 6 mm - 1/4
- Pair of clamps 5 mm
- Pair of clamps 4.75 mm - 3/16
- Pressure piece OP1 4.75 mm - 3/16 + 5 mm
- Thrust piece DIN 4.75 + 5 mm
- Pressure piece OP2 4.75 mm - 3/16 + 5 mm + 6 mm / 1/4".
- Pressure piece OP1 6 mm - 1/4
- Pressure piece DIN 6 mm
- Includes tube cutter with deburring

Hydraulic Brake Flaring Tool Feature

  • Hydraulic Brake Flaring tool is a must-have for professionals in the automotive industry.

  • This universal hydraulic flaring tool set produces high-quality flares on steel brake pipes, making it suitable for use insitu on the vehicle.

  • Capable of producing SAE and DIN single and double flares (3/16"" and 1/4"" pipe), it comes complete with a reamer for deburring.

  • The tool is packed in a metal case for storage, and its design ensures ease of use. It can also be used on copper, brass, and aluminum pipes.

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