Timing Tool Set for Mercedes - Benz M271, M272, M273

Bruide B-1851 is suitable for the splits and reconnects single & double row timing chains on Benz gas and diesel engines, also compatible for some Saab & BMW vehicles. Packed in blow mold case.

Benz M271 Timing Tool Set for Mercedes Feature Applications

Mercedes M271 timing chain tool, M272 & M273 -  Model OM 601, 602, 603, 615, 616, 617, 642, 648, M102, 103, 116, 272 and SAAB, BMW

Benz M271 Timing Tool Set for Mercedes Feature

  • The Engine Timing Tool Kit is designed to help you quickly renew and rivet the timing chains in Mercedes Benz engines, and is compatible with both simplex and duplex chains that have a 4mm chain bolt.

  • This kit includes a chain rivet tool made from strong, durable carbon steel that can press on external lugs and split chains with ease.

  • It features temporary chain links to simplify the fitting process and allows you to feed in your existing timing chain without dismantling the timing chain case in most cases.

  • With this tool, separating and riveting your engine timing chain is both fast and precise.

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