35-45mm Inner Tie Rod Tool Kit Track Rod Axial Joint Removal Install Tool

Bruide B-2026 is used for for disassembly and assembly of axial joints, for tie rods from 35 to 45 mm. It suitable for a wide variety of applications,easily work in any field.

35-45mm Inner Tie Rod Tool Kit Features

  • This tool allows for swift removal and installation of tie rod ends using either a 1/2" or 27mm wrench. 

  • Its unique design features three rolling cams that securely grasp tie rod ends. 

  • It accommodates tie rod ends for smaller European and Asian vehicles, ranging from 28mm to 35mm in size. 

  • Additionally, the tie rod removal and installation tool simplifies the process of removing and installing inner tie rods, eliminating the need to fully disassemble the steering mechanism from the vehicle. 

  • Its versatility enables it to handle tie rod nuts with outer diameters of 35-45mm.

  • Item type:Axial joint remover

  • Color: black

35-45mm Inner Tie Rod Tool Kit Application

This axial joint tool is suitable for most EU vehicles, it can disassemble and assemble the tie rod from 35 to 45 mm easily.

You can use a 1/2" ratchet or 27mm spanner / socket to twist the end.

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