4Pcs Steering Rack Knuckle Tie/Track Rod End Axial Joint Remover Installer Tool Kit

Bruide B-2024 is used for the removal or replacement of the inner steering ball joint quickly and easily.

This tool set is made of carbon steel.

The set includes:

1 Track Rod Arm (Length 350mm)
3 Exchange Heads:30-35mm, 35-40mm, 40-45mm

Steering Rack Knuckle Tie Tool Kit Features

  • Have you noticed any looseness in your steering wheel or your car pulling to one side? It's crucial to check your tie rod and tie rod ends for safe driving.

  • Our professional tool set, conveniently stored in a red plastic case, includes high-quality special tools designed for a quick and efficient replacement of tie rod axial connections in both passenger cars and vans.

  • Tie rods can vary in length and the size of the tie rod ends can differ depending on the brand or manufacturer. However, our 3-piece set ensures that you are equipped with the necessary tools, regardless of the length of the tie rod.

  • Our special wrench has three screw fixings, accommodating tie rod sizes of 30-35mm, 35-40mm, and 40-45mm, automatically clamping onto the rod ends. This wide range of capabilities ensures that you can handle a variety of applications with ease.

Steering Rack Knuckle Tie Tool Kit Application

  • This tool set is suitable for most car models.

  • The knuckle tie rod end tool can be operated with a 1/2inch drive ratchet or 27mm socket.

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