38pcs Universal SAC Self Adjusting Clutch Assembly Tool

Bruide B-2075 is used to make the clutch disc be put under the pressure plate perfectly.

● Suitable for 3-hole and 4-hole spacing.

● High-precision, precise assembly components manufactured according to the latest CNC production technology guarantee the best work.

● Centering option with clutch.

● The operation of the adjustment ring is possible.

● Prevent deformation of adjustment ring in SAC clutch pressure plate.

● Avoid malfunctions such as bad separation, slipping or chattering.

● Oil resistant foam insert.

● Rugged case for tool storage.

Universal SAC Self Adjusting Clutch Assembly Tool Applications

  • It is simpler to line up the spline on the clutch disc with the guide bearing hole on the flywheel, which helps to prevent plate distortion and avoid disengagement or dragging of the clutch.

  • To make this process even easier, the clutch alignment tool includes a refitting tool and six alignment adapters, allowing the clutch adjuster to be easily wound back.

  • This versatile tool is suitable for use on various vehicle models including VW, BMW, Ford, Renault, Mercedes, and Opel.

Universal SAC Self Adjusting Clutch Assembly Tool Specifications

  • Lock Screw Size: M6/M8-138mm, M7/M8-138mm, M8/M8-138 mm, M6/M8-140 mm (long thread), M7/M8-140 mm (long thread)

  • 3 Silver Center Adapters: 23mm, 28mm, 34mm

  • Blue Center Adapter: 23mm

  • Red Center Adapter: 28mm

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