43Pcs Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Kit

Tool helps to center and hold the clutch in place to avoid any damage or any wrong use up of the clutch during driving. It is ideally suited to multiple models, fits for Mercedes Benz C/E/CLS/S/CLK/SLK/SL, for Alfa Romeo 147/159/166, for Lancia Phedra/Thesis. It also suitable for self adjusting clutch connectors with 3‑hole and 4‑hole pitch, convenient to use.

With this tool, the splines in the clutch disc is easier to align with the guide bearing holes in the flywheel.

43Pcs Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Kit Applications

This Self Adjusting Clutch Tool is compatible with Mercedes Benz C/E/CLS/S/CLK/SLK/SL, for 147/159/166, for Lancia Phedra/Thesis;

Manufacturer Part Number: S-SAC34UPG

Self Adjusting Clutch Tool Kit Description

  1. The self-adjusting clutch tool kit is highly compatible with SAC clutches featuring 3 or 4 holes.

  2. This tool makes it easy to disassemble and reassemble SAC clutches quickly and efficiently. Without self-adjusting clutch tool, it is impossible to change a SAC clutch.

  3. It offers an excellent centering and precise fixing of the clutch disc and housing or flywheel, which is suitable for clutches of engines with large bore of the crankshaft centering hole.

  4. The clutch tool kit helps prevent the rotation of the adjustment ring when pre-tightening. It is the perfect solution for working on clutch discs, as it avoids the risk of malfunctioning or causing any damage.

  5. Self-adjusting clutch tool kit is conveniently packaged in a sturdy plastic case.

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