8Pcs Motorcycle Car Drive Cam Chain Splitter Breaker with Riveting Tool Set

Bruide B-2049 8pc motorcycle chain breaker and riveting tool can be used for breaking motorcycle chains and riveting new links, as well as for automotive timing chains.

Motorcycle Drive Cam Chain Breaker Set Specification

  • Material. Carbon Steel

  • Color: As shown in the picture

  • Applicable chain size: 520, 525, 530 and 532

  • Shell size. Approx. 23 * 14 * 5cm / 9.1'' * 5.5'' * 2.0''.

  • Weight. Approx. 1150g

Motorcycle Drive Cam Chain Splitter Set Includes

  1. Chain press

  2. Press plate

  3. Rivet guide

  4. Rivet break pin

Motorcycle Drive Cam Chain Splitter Kit

  • This convenient and portable chain splitter kit is an all-in-one solution for cutting, press fitting, and riveting connecting link plates and pins. It ensures safe riding with optimal chain performance.

  • Designed for motorcycle drive chains in sizes 520, 525, 530, and 532, this heavy-duty tool is capable of breaking, assembling, and riveting chains. It can be secured using a vice or spanner for maximum grip, making it suitable for use on large chains.

  • Crafted from heat-treated, drop-forged steel, this tool guarantees a lifetime of use and quickly pays for itself as it saves you pricey garage trips. It is perfect for regular use as all chains tend to expand.

  • The motorcycle drive cam chain splitter kit is expertly crafted by professionals, for professionals. 

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