Dual Wheel Separator Tool Kit

The Dual Wheel Separator Tool, can be used to remove both removing stuck or frozen outer wheel and the inner wheel quick and easy.Innovative “One-piece” Pusher won’t fall apart during use. Pusher is ball bearing-driven for near-zero turning resistance.

Dual Wheel Separator Tool Kit Advantage

  • The dual wheel separator tool set is constructed from #45 carbon steel, which has undergone heat treatment and blackening to enhance its strength, durability, and resistance to rust and corrosion. This extends the tool set's lifespan.

  • This tool set is designed to remove both the outer and inner wheels quickly and easily, even when they are stuck or frozen. The innovative "One-piece" Pusher is ball bearing-driven, which ensures almost zero turning resistance and avoids falling apart during use.

  • These pullers are compatible with nearly any truck, bus, van, or trailer that has dual steel wheels, and can be used with air/electric impact wrenches. Powerful 1-1/8" diameter x 11 threads on the forcing screw and pullers ensure years of reliable service. Apply lubricating oil to the threads to optimize performance.

  • To provide safe storage, fast organization, and convenient transportation, the tool set comes with a sturdy storage box that protects the tools during transportation. These tools are also suitable for use as a manual tire bead breaker tool.

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