Manual Tire Bead Breaker Tool for ATV Tire Operation

Bruide B-2181 manual Tire Bead Breaker loosens the bead from the rim with a lever. Ideal for working on tires without removing the wheel from the tractor rim to small ATV and lawn mower tires. Handles 38" and 42" 14-ply tires with drop hammer center rims.

Manual Tire Bead Breaker Tool For ATV Tire Operation Applications

Compact tool weighs 9.3 lbs. and applies 5 tons of pressure to the rim

Easy to use simple hand tool, 1 person operation

Ideal for repairing tires without removing the wheel

Operates with a hand wrench - do not use an impact wrench

Manual Tire Bead Breaker Tool Advantage

  • Bruide manual tire bead breaker tool is an excellent removal solution for all kinds of tires.

  • It performs tremendously by effortlessly loosening the tire bead from the rim with leverage without the need to remove the wheels.

  • Although it is lightweight and compact, it has a heavy-duty construction that ensures greater durability for long-term use. Its effortless portability makes it easy to store in your garage, workspace, or recreation vehicle.

  • You can use the bead breaker tool with adjustable wrenches, open-end wrenches, or air wrenches (wrenches are not included) for easy usage.

  • This versatile tire bead breaker tool is perfect for ATV, golf cart, bus, truck, agricultural, and even backhoe tires, making it an ideal investment for all tire-related tasks.

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