Motorcycle Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool Kit

Bruide B-2048 is used for breaking and riveting chains with a diameter from 35 to 630.

Motorcycle Chain Breaker Set Introduction

  • Our tool set for cutting rivets is the ultimate professional solution that perfectly matches your requirements when using a chain breaker.

  • The case construction is made of hardened steel to ensure durability and effectiveness when riveting chain links into an endless chain.

  • This versatile tool can be used for cam chains, drive chains, and as a chain breaker, effectively pushing out the pin and achieving the desired results.

  • Featuring 3 different pin sizes suitable for a variety of chains, this kit breaks and rivets, making it perfect for use on cam chains or as a chain breaker.

  • Ideal for breaking and riveting 420-630 rear drive chains, this tool set comes with 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm tips as well as replacement options for cam chains of different sizes.

  • Special tool for replacing any broken motor chain, knocking out a chain that is too long, or extending a chain that is too short.

Motorcycle Chain Breaker & Riveting Tool Kit Contents

  • 3pc-Breaking pins(2.2mm, 2.9m, 3.8mm)

  • 1pc-Roverting pins

  • 1pc-Spring

  • 1pc-C-Frame press

  • 1pc-Lever

  • 1pc-Drive handle

  • 1pc-Press plate

  • 2pc-Anvil(small, large)

  • 2pc-Guide(upper, lower)

Motorcycle Chain Breaker Tool Kit Features

  • Braking and rejoining most types of chain easily and quickly, applied to all motorcycles and passenger cars.

  • Suitable for most sizes of cam chain from #35 - #630.

  • Recommended for light to medium duty use.

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