Suspension Coil Spring Compressor Repair Tools Set for Mercedes Benz

Bruide B-2014 is an universal telescopic spring compressor with anti-skid, three-wishbone function for maximum grip. The coil springs on the wishbones can now be removed and replaced without removing the axle, saving valuable time and money. B-2014 coil spring compressor Mercedes is suitable for multi-link independent suspension. Remove and replace the coil springs on the wishbones without removing the axle. Suitable for multi-link independent suspension. Telescopic range 120mm-325mm. Includes 2 Plates sizes 90/150mm and 2 Plates size 70/130mm.

Suspension Coil Spring Compressor Repair Tools Set Description

  • The set design ensures stability and safety by preventing spring bouncing and providing even pressure. 

  • With a non-slip, three-wishbone function and large contact surface, this front rear axle repair tool offers better grip. 

  • Plus, it saves time and money by allowing for quick and easy coil spring removal and replacement without axle dismantling. 

  • This 5-piece tool kit is suitable for a wide range of spring sizes thanks to its two included plate sizes.

  • The safest way to replace the coil spring

  • Interchangeable jaws

  • Suitable for conical springs

  • With suitcase, easy to carry

Application of B-2014 Suspension Coil Spring Compressor Repair Tools Set for Mercedes Benz

Φ70/130: Mercedes-Benz W126, W140, W100, W200 Front axle and W107, W114, W115, W116, W123, W126, W140, W203 Rear axle

Φ90/150: Mercedes-Benz W123, W124, W202, W210 Front axle and W124, W129, W201, W202 Rear axle

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