Universal Wrench Extender Adaptor

Bruide B-2238 is used for extending your wrench or spanner when more leverage is required

Universal Wrench Extender Adaptor Introduction

  • Our wrench extender can be used with 1/2 inch drive or 21 mm hex drive, making it a valuable tool for professionals.

  • This tool is designed to add leverage when using a wrench, making it easier to loosen or tighten stubborn, rusty nuts and bolts. It can be used with different wrenches and can be easily changed to tighten or loosen by placing it on the opposite side of the wrench.

  • With its heavy-duty construction, this universal wrench extender adapter prevents slipping or rounding out of the drive. It is made of heat-treated steel and has a drop-forged body, making it strong and durable. The protective coating also removes the risk of rust, making it ideal for use on rusty nuts and bolts, and it resists daily corrosion and tarnishing for long-term usage.

  • Overall, the universal wrench extender adaptor can save time and effort and is a great addition to any tool kit.

Universal Wrench Extender Adaptor Material

Forged steel, with durable black finish

Universal Wrench Extender Adaptor Application

Suitable for a wide of wrench and spanner

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