Car Ratcheting Brake Caliper Piston Spreader Press Tool with 2 pcs Steel Plates

Bruide B-1139 ratcheting brake caliper piston spreader press tool is equipped with two sets of push boards: 7.01 x 2.36 in. and 4.53 x 2.17 in., which is compatible for most single and dual piston floating calipers, dual and four piston fixed calipers or some six piston fixed calipers. One set of push plates is fixed and the other set is held in place by magnets. Easy to install and easy to remove.

Brake Caliper Press Tool Features

  • The versatile brake caliper press tool has wide-ranging applications thanks to two sets of spreading plates. The larger plates are ideal for sextuplet pistons fixed calipers, while the smaller ones are suitable for twin and quad pistons fixed calipers, as well as single and twin pistons floating calipers. The tool is specifically designed to "push" the piston back and cannot twist and compress at the same time.

  • Featuring a 360-degree ratcheting design, the tool is user-friendly and can be easily accessed and used from any angle. The ratchet is positioned at the center of the dual piston brake caliper compressor, and both spreading plates require pressure to initiate the ratchet. This ensures proper alignment and prevents damage to brake components due to misaligned pistons.

  • For added protection, the brake caliper press tool includes two caliper hooks to shield the brake fluid lines and calipers. Additionally, a small positive and negative regulation switch on the ratchet further enhances user control. Overall, the brake caliper press tool is a versatile and user-friendly tool that is essential for anyone working on brake systems.

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