Disc Brake Pad Installation Spreader Caliper Piston Spreader Tool

Bruide B-2053 disc brake pad installation spreader caliper piston spreader tool is designed for retracting the basic tool of the brake piston in order to insert a new brake pad. Fitted with a tommy bar, can be used with a 1/2" drive ratchet or a 0.83" spanner. Professional and heavy duty automotive hand tools for private owners DIY and also for repair garages.

Disc Brake Pad Installation Spreader Caliper Piston Spreader Tool Application

Compatible for Nissan, Alfa, Audi, Fiat, Ford, GM(Vauxhall/Opel), Peugeot, Renault, Rover, VW, Porsche.

B-2053 Brake Caliper Tool Description

  • To minimize the risk of damaging your brake piston and seal, make use of this efficient brake caliper press tool.

  • This device is specially designed to securely push your pistons, fit new seals, and ensure a flawless job, all while preventing any possible damage.

  • The tool is crafted from high-grade steel, making it extremely strong, durable, and resilient for long-term use.

  • Its thicken, textured surface ensures a secure grip, while its 5x7.5cm contact surface size allows for maximum coverage.

  • Plus, it can easily connect to a 1/2'' (12.5mm) wrench for comfortable and effortless use.

  • With its accurate machine and regular screw thread, you can evenly distribute force without harming the piston surface.

  • Make your brake replacement job more comfortable, simpler, and safer with this practical brake piston repair tool.

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