16Pcs Pneumatic Brake Caliper Tool

Bruide B-2019 pneumatic caliper tool set makes the brake caliper piston rewinding efficient and easy. Maximum working pressure: 114 PSI.

The compressor tool in this pneumatic caliper wind back tool set has a knurled swivel handle that can be turned clockwise and anti-clockwise for left and right handed threaded pistons. The quick release button makes it safely and easily when you're done and the adapter is magnetic for security during use and is permanently labeled.

Scope of Delivery of B-2019 Brake Caliper Tool

  • Pneumatic Powered Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool

  • 15 brake discs

  • Package: blow molded case

Pneumatic Brake Caliper Tool Kit Feature

Pneumatic Brake Caliper Piston Tool makes rear disc brake caliper piston rewinding a breeze, with quick and trouble-free brake servicing.

For an easy replacement process, make use of brake cleaner to get rid of caliper dirt and apply lithium grease.

With a comprehensive set of adapters, it's highly compatible with almost every vehicle across the globe.

An innovative 360° rotating swivel handle allows easy compression direction change for both regular and reversed type calipers, making you productive.

Two magnetic pins hold the adapter securely in place for quick alignment of the calipers, and releasing air pressure wraps up the process in no time.

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