15pcs Nut Bolt Extractor Socket Set

Bruide B-2080 for the removal of rounded, rusted or painted bolts.Suitable for use with hand and power tools.Can be used with 3/8" breaker/ratchet spanners, also available with a flat face so it can be used with a spanner or spanner.

Twist Socket Nut Extractors Set Features

  • Made of chrome molybdenum for added durability and blackened phosphate coating for corrosion protection.

  • Comes with a useful carrying case for quick and easy storage.

Twist Socket Nut Extractors Set Advantage

  • The bolt nut remover is crafted from top-quality Cr-Mo steel (chromium-molybdenum steel) utilizing precision CNC machining techniques. After undergoing a secondary quenching process, it attains a hardness of 60HRC in conformity with ASME standards. Additionally, a layer of industrial-grade corrosion-resistant manganese phosphate is applied to its surface, enabling it to withstand impacts and exhibit remarkable toughness and resilience over time.

  • The socket set boasts a close bite design that sets it apart from ordinary sockets. Its specialized six-edged tapered reverse spiral groove design ensures a remarkable torque, which enables it to firmly grasp rusted, damaged, or trapped nuts, allowing for effortless disassembly.

  • The Lug Nut Extractor Socket Sets come in thirteen different sizes, which perfectly cater to diverse needs ranging from car maintenance, home decoration, to craft production, thereby offering remarkable versatility and convenience.

  • Furthermore, unlike equivalent sockets, this product features a built-in 1/2" Hex Adapter, which makes it more convenient and easy to use. It can be found using relevant keywords such as twist socket nut extractors, spiral socket set, impact twist socket set, or deep twist socket set.

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