Brake Oil Clutch Bleeder Hose Kits Mini 7,8,9,10,11mm Wrench

Bruide B-2093 is Ideal for bleeding brakes and hydraulic clutch.

Oil Brake Bleeder Wrench Kits Applications

  • The bleeder valve can be sealed using wrench sizes of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 mm, with the added convenience of an included wrench and socket for hassle-free tightening and loosening while ensuring that the seal remains unbroken.

  • This tool is particularly useful for bleeding brake and hydraulic clutch systems and comes with a 1.2 meter (47 inch) silicon hose that includes a check valve for safer operation.

  • It can be easily used without needing to remove the wheels or lift the car and is compatible with universal nipples.

  • Additionally, it can be paired with a brake caliper press tool for added versatility.

  • Easy to use, without removing the wheels or lifting the cars. For universal nipple. Due to the design of the non-return valve, a drop design is not possible. The tool will only bleed when pumped.

Oil Brake Bleeder Wrench Kit Features

  • The integrated 12-point key and socket wrench in one practical unit facilitate loosening and locking.

  • Ideal for bleeding the brake system and hydraulic clutch system without removing the wheels.

  • 1.2m silicone hose with non-return valve for safe operation.

  • For universal air vents.

  • Internal gasket made of high quality material for a long service life.

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