Universal brake caliper wind back tool

Bruide B-2022 is suitable for resetting caliper pistons on most vehicles. Suitable for clockwise, counterclockwise and static Rear push brake calipers.6 x Brake Caliper WB Tool Set.

Universal Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Contains

(1) push plate

(2) T-handle bar

(3) two-pin adapter

(4) Universal pin adapter

(5) centre screw and bracket assembly

(6) Hexagonal adaptor

Universal Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Instructions

  • It's important to place the vehicle on a flat, stable surface and secure the wheels. If the rear brake calipers are involved, first release the parking brake and make sure to hold the caliper steady while avoiding any damage to hoses or wires. In some cases, removing the caliper may be necessary.

  • Choose the correct adapter, whether it's the universal or twin pin. For the universal adapter with four pins, use the included ruler gauge to measure the distance between the pins. Set the pins by turning the front half of the adapter, then lock the position by turning the second half clockwise.

  • Insert the universal pin adapter into the 3/8'' drive section of the center screw and yoke assembly. Next, slot the push plate onto the same section (with the ruler facing inward) and slide it over the center screw and yoke holder assembly before tightening.

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