Piston Ring Compressor Set

Introducing the Bruide Piston Ring Compressor Set B-3009. Our high-quality compressors are designed to make piston ring installation a breeze. With the perfect fit and durable construction, our compressors ensure a secure hold on the piston rings, preventing any damage during installation. Trust the Bruide brand for reliable and professional automotive tools. Get the best results with our Piston Ring Compressors.

Piston Ring Compressor Set Contains

Piston Compressors, A Ring Expander, Ring Groove Cleaner & Offset Phillips/Slotted Screwdrivers

Three Piston Compressors: 55–125mm x 75mmL, 90–175mm x 90mmL, & 90–175mm x 100mmL Sizes

One 50–130mm Capacity Ring Groove Cleaner

One 50–100mm Capacity Ring Expander

Three Offset Phillips/Slotted Screwdrivers: 1/16" To 3/16", 2 To 2.5mm & 1.2 To 5.5mm Sizes

Piston Ring Compressor Set Applications

Using a piston ring compressor for cleaning attachment for different ring groove widths

Piston ring locking pliers

Angled screwdriver

Piston Ring Compressor Set Description

  • The piston removal tool is designed to efficiently clean and remove piston rings.

  • Its contents are listed in the product description.

  • Conveniently stored in a carrying case, this kit simplifies transportation, storage, and organization.

  • It is capable of accommodating piston diameters ranging from 50mm to 100mm.

  • The piston repair tool kit is equipped with a self-locking ratchet pawl, ensuring a positively locked action and preventing premature release.

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