How to Install a Clutch Using the Universal Clutch Alignment Tool?

1. Introduction of universal clutch alignment tool

When installing the clutch, the disc must be aligned with the flywheel before installing the cover (pressure plate). Otherwise, the input shaft of the gearbox will not engage the brake disc properly and you will never be able to line up and install the gearbox! The clutch can't be fully installed without tools, so this is where the universal clutch alignment tool is needed. The universal clutch alignment tool is a special tool with splines that match your derailleur and fit your flywheel. The universal clutch alignment tool holds the disc perfectly on the flywheel. Most clutch kits come with a universal clutch alignment tool that matches your application.

2. Understand the method of installing the clutch using the universal clutch alignment tool

Choose a collet: First, install the clutch using the universal clutch alignment tool, choosing one of the three available collets. This should match the splined hub as closely as possible. Assemble the tool with the splined hub as shown and screw the brass nut to the back.

Insert Tool: Make sure the clutch plates are facing the correct direction; place the pressure plate on top. Now insert the tool, making sure the plastic collet is inside the spline. Hold the tool steady and firmly tighten the brass nut.

Tighten the Nut: Tighten the large plastic nut against the fingers of the platen to hold it steady, then turn the platen over. There should be enough pressure on the clutch disc to keep it stable, but still move with light force. Slide the clutch plate until it's dead center on the pressure plate, then tighten the large plastic nut further to make sure it doesn't move.

Mounting to the flywheel: At this point, your clutch assembly is ready to be mounted to the flywheel. Just fasten the pressure plate to the flywheel, loosen the large plastic nut on the centering tool, and remove it completely. The pressure plate holds the clutch plate in place and makes alignment of the transmission shaft a breeze. Since all engines are designed differently, be sure to refer to your owner's manual for proper procedures for using the universal clutch alignment tool. Always wear protective gloves and goggles when handling dirty, greasy parts.

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