How to Use a Valve Spring Compressor?


1. Before removing the valves, make sure you have a way to identify where each valve came from. Putting a label on each zip lock bag will do the trick.

2. The opening of the valve spring compressor can be adjusted in the range of 75-16mm and 5mm-throat distance is 150mm. This makes it ideal for most small to medium valve engines. With the handle toward the bottom of the head, open the jaws wide enough to rest the top over the valve. The width of the tool can be adjusted at the top if desired - so that it just rests on the edge of the spring.

3. Place the bottom of the tool against the valve head and squeeze the red handle to compress the spring. If the tool won't stay in place, or the spring isn't fully compressed, simply release the handle, turn the knob to close the adjuster, and repeat until correct. The valve spring compressor should remain in this position when the retainer or collet is removed. Once this is done, the spring is free to remove. Gently release the valve spring compressor, then remove the retainer, spring and spring seat from the top of the valve head. It can now be removed by sliding it over the bottom of the head.

4. valve installation simply reverses this process to ensure each valve returns to its original position. When relieving tension on the valve spring compressor, watch carefully to make sure the spring retainer and retainer or collet are properly seated. A little grease on these parts will help hold them in place during assembly.

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1.As all engines are designed differently, Make sure you refer to your owners’ manual for the correct procedure.

2.Always wear protective gloves and goggles when handling dirty, greasy parts.

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