How to Use a Hydraulic Brake Flaring Tool Kit?

Understanding how to use a hydraulic brake flaring tool kit

The process for using a hydraulic brake flaring tool is quite simple. Here's what you'll need: bubble flare, single flaring tool or double flaring kit, pipe cutter, and a deburring/chamfering tool (some kits come with these additional tools). Now let's look at how to use the hydraulic brake flaring tool. There are several methods for using the tool, but typically the following steps need to be performed:

Step 1: Prepare the pipe. If necessary, first cut the pipe that needs to be flared. Use the pipe cutter and cut it to the desired length. Smooth the end of the pipe with a chamfering or deburring tool.

Step 2: Insert the pipe into the hydraulic brake flaring tool and find the appropriate opening on the hydraulic brake flaring tool bar. Loosen the butterfly nut and insert the pipe into the opening. Make sure that the protruding length of the pipe is correct.

Step 3: Clamp the pipe and determine which adapter to use. Place the adapter at the end of the pipe (the end to be flared). Tighten the butterfly nut of the tool to firmly grip the pipe.

Step 4: Flare the pipe and find the adapter that fits the type of pipe to be flared. Place the flare cone onto the pipe. Rotate the rod to lower the flare cone. Do not tighten too much or there is a risk of damaging the pipe. When ready, remove the flared pipe.

How to buy a hydraulic brake flaring tool kit, manual or hydraulic?

Manual torch toolkits include compact components suitable for DIY car owners. On the other hand, hydraulic brake flaring tool kits are typically best for professional technicians who need to maintain multiple vehicles. Technicians also need the kit to expand different types of pipes, including hard pipes. Other equally important factors to consider when purchasing a flaring kit include material quality, structure, and price. Choose a kit made of high-strength steel and coated with anti-corrosive coatings. In terms of construction, choose a kit that includes usable tools. It's important to remember that any high-quality hydraulic brake flaring tool kit with standard tools is more than sufficient for most applications; however, kits that include additional adapters or items will help you do more and make it more convenient.

The price of a hydraulic brake flaring tool kit can vary widely. However, be careful when budgeting for your car maintenance tool kit. You don't want a low-quality kit with parts that cannot be assembled correctly or that may damage the lines or simply not work. Most of the time, it's safe to measure the value of a hydraulic brake flaring tool set by examining its price. Choose a reasonably priced kit and avoid using those that are too cheap.

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