Notes on Engine Timing Tools

In practice, engine timing tools seem to be essential for disassembling and installing timing in current models. As there are many engine models, the engine timing tools needed are also abundant and varied. So, while equipped with engine timing tools, you must also be able to use this is the correct way to open the "timing installation".

The following are the precautions for using engine timing tools

1. The engine timing tool is generally divided into two parts: camshaft fixing and crankshaft fixing, in addition to some timing tightener locking tools, camshaft gear/crankshaft pulley disassembly tools, etc.

2. The purpose of the engine timing tool is to fix the relative position of the camshaft and crankshaft at the upper stop of compression of one cylinder. There are exceptions, of course, such as some engines that require the pistons of each cylinder to be placed in a flush position for timing installation

3. When installing the engine timing tool, make sure that the engine timing tool is installed smoothly and in place in the specified position. If the installation process is stuck or not smooth, you should confirm whether there is any mistake in your operation. If there is, you should correct and reassemble.

4. Although in the engine timing tool assistance, so that the timing installation becomes much easier. But to be safe, after installation must manually rotate the crankshaft (crankshaft pulley side for clockwise) a number of turns to check whether the timing mark is aligned, if there is an error must be reinstalled timing part.

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