SAC Clutch Compressor Tool Set

What is a clutch compression tool?

The clutch compression tool is designed to release the clutch plate quickly and easily. We have improved and upgraded the quality of the clutch spring compressor tool, made of heavy-duty steel with coating.


Necessary for pre-tensioning self-adjusting clutches before removal or installation. Prevents plate distortion which may prevent the clutch from disengaging or cause dragging.

Features a refitting tool, allowing the clutch adjuster to be wound back, and six alignment adapters. 

Clutch compression tool contents:

Main clamp


Assembly Flywheel Threads:Ø6x1.00,Ø7x1.00,Ø8x1.25mm

4 X Screw Mounting Pin Stepped Adaptor, Flywheel Locking Tool, SAC Clutch Tool Set

Basic Instructions of the clutch compressor tool set

If the clutch cover is identified as an SAC cover and it is to be re-used then the clutch compressor frame should be used to allow the cover adjustment mechanism to be reset and controlled release of the clutch cover to protect the SAC mechanism from damage.

When fitting a used SAC clutch cover or a new cover that is not equipped with a pre-tensioning locking device always use the compressor frame to fit the cover.

How to use clutch compressor tool set

First, choose one of the three available collets. This should be as close to the spline as possible. Assemble the tool with the spline as shown, and take the brass nut to the back.

Make sure the clutch plates are facing the correct way; and place the pressure plate on top. Now insert the tool making sure the plastic collet is inside the spline. Hold the tool steady and tighten the brass nut securely.

Tighten the large plastic nuts onto the fingers of the platen just enough to hold it securely – then turn the platen over. There should be enough pressure on the clutch plate to keep it steady but still move with very little force. Slide the clutch plate until it's dead center on the pressure plate - then tighten the big plastic nut further to make sure it won't move.

At this point, the clutch pack is ready to be installed on the flywheel. Simply attach the pressure plate to the flywheel before loosening the large plastic nut on the alignment tool and remove it completely.

The pressure plate holds the clutch plates in place and makes the alignment of the transmission shaft a breeze.

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