The Use and Disassembly of Universal Alignment Tool

Use universal alignment tool to install clutch

The clutch plate has two faces. One side usually has a mark that will align with a similar line on the flywheel. These marks must be lined up to ensure easy shifting of the car. Remember, don't hesitate and wonder how to use the universal alignment tool - it's simple. First, insert the universal alignment tool into the clutch disc, while the tool and the clutch disc are both outside the gearbox. Make sure the keyway is on the side where the alignment mark is protruding from the disc. Next, align the marks on the flywheel and the clutch disc, then press the clutch disc into the gearbox assembly. If you have been worried about how to align a disc clutch and a flywheel, yes, it's that simple. When the tool engages with the keyway in the crankshaft bearing, it should continue to enter the gearbox housing a bit. Once the universal alignment tool is inserted into the crankshaft bearing, your clutch disc should not move.

Installing the pressure plate: Now that your clutch is positioned on the flywheel, place the pressure plate on the clutch disc and begin to secure the plate with bolts. Tighten all components in a star pattern to evenly distribute tension on the clutch disc, to prevent warping. There is always a small space between the clutch disc and the flywheel before the bolts are completely tightened, so gently press everything down first to move the clutch disc into position before fully tightening. After tightening the disc, it's time to tighten the pressure plate. Twist the clutch alignment tool with force to ensure that all components are still in place, then tighten the bolts of the clutch disc in a crosswise pattern to prevent the clutch from sticking in the future.

Torque specifications: Finally, torque everything according to the specifications. You can find the specifications for your car online or in the manual. After understanding the torque specifications, follow this three-step process. First, manually tighten the bolts in a star pattern, then half-tighten the bolts in a star pattern, and finally fully-tighten the bolts in a star pattern.

Remove universal alignment tool

Your clutch alignment tool should remain in the clutch until you are ready to reinstall the gearbox back onto the car, even if it takes a few days. The disc clutch alignment is easily moved inside the gearbox (even though the pressure plate should prevent any movement) if it is not supported during the replacement process. Once you are ready to reinstall the gearbox, remove the clutch alining tool, place some washers on the gearbox, and then tighten it with bolts.

Before putting away your universal alignment tool, make sure the teeth on the tool are sharp and not flipped. If you start seeing obvious signs of wear on the teeth of the tool, it's time to buy a new one.

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