Tips of Using Valve Spring Compressor Tool

Bruide specializes in automotive repair tools manufacturing for more than 10 years. Today we are introducing the valve spring compressor tool. It’s useful for removing valve springs from an overhead valve engine of the type having a threaded rocker arm stud adjacent the valve spring and a push rod aligned with the stud and the valve spring. 

valve spring compressor tool instructions are as the following:

Step 1: Use valve spring compressor tool with the cylinder head on the engine (in the

car or on the engine stand) or with the head on the bench. In order to remove the valve springs, you must remove the valve cover, the cam caps, the cams, and the buckets and shims.

Step 2) Using the cam cap bolts from your engine, install the valve spring compressor tool block on the head.

Make sure the head and tool surface is clean. Tighten bolts. You will be able to compress two valves in each location you install the valve spring tool block.

Step 3) Thread the tool stud into the threaded hole with the internal 5mm hex on top. Install the spring cage under the stud as the following

Step 4) Using a 5mm hex wrench or socket, turn the stud clock wise to compress the valve spring. Ensure the spring cage window is pointing out wards. Only compress the spring enough to free the keepers. 

Step 5) Using the magnetic screwdriver’s magnet, remove the valve spring keepers. 

Step 6) Using a 5mm hex wrench or socket, turn the stud counter clock wise to relieve the valve spring tension.

Unthread the stud all the way to allow the valve spring compressor cage to be removed.

Step 7) You can now remove the spring and retainer. This will allow the valve and/or the valve stem seal to be removed and installed. 

Step 8) Use the screwdriver end of the magnetic screw driver to reinstall the valve spring keepers

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