Understanding and Use of Self-Adjusting Clutch Alignment Tool

Self-Adjusting Clutch Alignment Tool Introduction

A self-adjusting clutch alignment tool typically includes a plastic clutch alignment tool whose size matches the input shaft of the gearbox. It has splines that match those on the clutch disc and a device that fits the pilot bearing. Before tightening the pressure plate cover, it aligns the clutch disc with the flywheel and pressure plate.

The clutch pilot bearing is a ball bearing, roller bearing, or a brass bushing that centers the input shaft of the gearbox in the crankshaft flange. Once the clutch disc and pressure plate are assembled onto the flywheel, slide the clutch alignment tool over the diaphragm of the pressure plate and into the pilot bearing with the splines of the clutch disc.

Assemble and torque the pressure plate bolts in a cross pattern to ensure alignment of the clutch alinement tool and clutch disc. Ideally, the gearbox input shaft will slide directly over the splines of the clutch disc and into the pilot bearing, but a slight twist may be required to align them before the gearbox is aligned with the engine.

self adjusting clutch reset tool

How to Use a Self-Adjusting Clutch Alignment Tool?

Self-adjusting clutch alignment tools come in various shapes and sizes, some with multiple sizing pins that are very convenient. You need to ensure that you find the sizing pins that suit the friction disc and sleeve bearing. To ensure perfect alignment, you need to consider the number of splines on the input shaft because if the splines do not align, your clutch will not align correctly.

To use a self adjusting clutch tool kit, first select the appropriate sizing pin, find one that fits snugly both your friction disc and your sleeve bearing. If there is a little play, don't worry; fill it with a bit of electrical tape.

Another thing to remember is that the clutch friction discs are directional, which means you may install them incorrectly - something to avoid. Most friction discs have some type of printed marking indicating the correct direction; all you have to do now is properly position the friction disc and insert the alignment tool into the center of the friction disc with the correct size sizing pin.

Then, mount the friction disc onto the alignment tool and drive the alignment tool into the pilot bearing. Now that the friction disc is in place, you can continue installing the pressure plate. Ensure that you torque the bolts in a cross pattern, avoiding the use of pneumatic tools because you don't want to inhale old clutch dust, and a hand torque wrench will suffice. Once the pressure plate is in place, all you have to do is remove the alignment tool, and now the gearbox should fit perfectly, ensuring that every component in the clutch assembly is aligned before you even place it onto the flywheel.

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