What Is Hydraulic Puller Set? How to Use It?

The hydraulic puller set is an instrument tool mainly used to remove the damaged bearing from the shaft in the axial direction. It is mainly composed of a rotary handle, a screw rod and a pulling claw.

The hydraulic bearing puller kit has two claws and three claws. The main dimensions are the length of the claws, the distance between the claws, and the length of the screw, so as to adapt to bearings with different diameters and different axial installation depths. When in use, the screw tip is positioned at the tip hole of the shaft end to adjust the position of the claw, so that the claw is hooked on the outer ring of the bearing, and the rotating handle is rotated so that the claw drives the bearing to move outward in the axial direction to remove it.

The hydraulic pulling horse tool is moved forward directly by the hydraulic starting rod, so the push rod itself does not rotate. The hook seat can be adjusted forward and backward directly with the thread. During operation, as long as the handle is slightly swayed back and forth, the hydraulic starter rod moves forward, and the hook correspondingly retreats to pull out the pulled object.

The hydraulic pulling horse tool is an ideal new tool to replace the traditional puller. It is easy to operate, labor-saving, and not limited by the site. This puller has a compact structure, flexible use, light weight, small size, and easy portability. It is suitable for factories and Repair shop.

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