Why Choose Three-claw Hydraulic Bearing Puller?

At present, there are two main types of hydraulic bearing puller that are more common, one is a three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller, and the other is a two-jaw hydraulic bearing puller, so which of the two hydraulic bearing pullers has more advantages when performing disassembly operations? Now I will analyze it from the perspective of structural force. 

In comparison, the three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller has more advantages when performing disassembly operations. This advantage is mainly reflected in its stability. If you observe carefully, you will find that the three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller is formed The structure of the hook is an approximate shape of a triangular pyramid, and the included angle between two hooks and claws is the same. It is well known that the stability of the triangular structure is the best.

When facing the disassembly of bearings, gears and other accessories, the focus point of the three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller will form an equilateral triangle. The force is uniform during the disassembly process, which avoids slipping due to the deflection of the force during disassembly, which is the embodiment of the stability of the three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller.

The three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller does have stronger stability, but not all disassembly operations are suitable for the use of the three-jaw hydraulic bearing puller. The claw type is more suitable for accessories with circular section structures.

Pay attention to the use of hydraulic bearing puller

1. During the working process of the hydraulic bearing puller, if its claws slip, it will lead to a safety accident. Therefore, when using this kind of puller, the operator must pay attention to not let the hydraulic bearing puller slip If the situation is to avoid slipping, safety accidents will not occur.

2. When using a hydraulic bearing puller for work, once the puller is unbalanced, it will cause the screw to bend. If the screw is stuck into the hollow oil cylinder, a dilemma will arise at this time, which will cause safety hazards.

3.The use of hydraulic bearing pullers must be operated correctly to avoid dangerous accidents and ensure the safety of personnel. Therefore, it is very important for operators to use hydraulic bearing pullers correctly.

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