Why Do You Need a Self-adjusting Clutch Alignment Tool?

Why do cars need a self-adjusting clutch alignment tool? 

When it comes to drivetrain components, misalignment of any kind can create its own set of problems. When installing a new clutch, misalignment usually occurs between: locating bearings and friction plates, pressure plate and crankshaft, transmission and engine. While the clutch installation tool cannot prevent all types of clutch misalignment, it does ensure that the three above-mentioned misalignments do not occur.

Clutch or transmission misalignment can cause severe damage to transmission components, leading to premature and recurring clutch failure. Expect clutch chatter, excessive vibration, severe diaphragm wear, premature release bearing failure, and severe damage to the transmission input bushing.

Misalignment can also be caused by: damaged or missing dowel pins, deformed and cracked bell housings, welding repairs to damaged bell housings, installation errors such as wires stuck between the engine and transmission, deformed metal plates and covers on the rear engine flange. So we need to use the self adjusting clutch alignment tool to solve these problems.

What is self-adjusting clutch alignment tools

The self-adjusting clutch alignment tool is the auto tool kit you will only use on rare occasions. But when you do, you'll be glad you had it in your workshop kit. Basically, this self adjusting clutch tool kit allows you to align the friction plates with the journal bearings when installing a new clutch.

The clutch replacement process requires you to align the transmission and clutch assembly as seamlessly as possible. To do this properly, you need a self-adjusting clutch alignment tool. Because if done incorrectly, your clutch plate can become misaligned and not engage the transmission input shaft, causing all sorts of problems. To fix this, you have to pull the transmission, remove the clutch and reassemble - no fun. A self adjusting clutch reset tool will save you a lot of time and frustration. Of course, there are ways to do it without specialized tools. But considering how cheap these tools are, it makes sense to buy them. In addition, the consequences of driving a car with a misaligned clutch are far more expensive than the cost of these tools.

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