Why Does the Hydraulic Bearing Extractor Rust?

Regarding the rust problem of the hydraulic bearing extractor, I believe this is something that many users will complain about. Because once the hydraulic bearing extractor is rusted, it not only affects its surface appearance, but also affects the quality of the product. Can it continue to be used?

About the rust of hydraulic bearing extractor

As for why the hydraulic bearing extractor rusts, there are many reasons for this result. Such as vigorous use, prolonged contact with water or corrosive liquids. This will cause accelerated rusting of the hydraulic bearing extractor. There are a lot of users who don't pay attention to the maintenance of the product because they don't know how to maintain it, and it's not the user's fault. After all, many sellers only focus on how to sell, but do not focus on how to teach users how to maintain the auto tool kit.

Some reasons for the rust of the hydraulic bearing extractor

Prolonged immersion in water or corrosive liquids: If you put the bearing tie rod in a place with water after using it, if it has been immersed in water, it is not far from damage. Because the surface of the hydraulic bearing extractor will be corroded, no matter what puller tool set is used, if it has been soaked in water, it will rust and corrode. If it is a strong corrosive liquid, then the surface of your hydraulic bearing extractor can be easily damaged, which is not worth the loss.

Not well preserved: The hydraulic bearing extractor usually comes with a packaging box during the sales process. The packaging box is very useful because it can protect the hydraulic bearing extractor from damage, and isolate the outside air and all corrosive liquids from water. , which can protect the product well. This also greatly helps users to better protect the product. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a good packaging box and a good storage environment for the hydraulic bearing extractor, which will greatly extend the service life of the product.

The quality of the product itself is not up to standard: the rust problem of the hydraulic bearing extractor cannot be blamed solely on improper use by the user. A large part of the reason is because the quality of the product itself is not up to standard. Some manufacturers in the production process in order to reduce costs, resulting in a decline in product quality. Save money by reducing the number of steps in the production process. Therefore, such products are prone to damage and rust. If you buy such a product, you need to communicate with the manufacturer and request a replacement product. Because no one wants to spend money on such a product.

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