Brake Tool Set-brake Caliper Piston Tool Set

Today we are going to recommend our popular brake tool set, model B-2018C.

It is a brake caliper piston tool set which is ideal for 4 wheel drive cars/trucks, includes left and right handed thrust bolt assemblies The kit includes 17 adapters which fit a variety of modern car brands. 21Pc kits rotates piston back into caliper for fitting of new brake shoes and pads.

Before introducing more details of this brake tool set,we need to know what is brake caliper.

The introduction of Brake calipers

The brake cylinder, commonly known as the brake caliper, is a very important part of the brake system. Once this part fails, it will pose a great threat to the safety of driving. Therefore, we need to check and replace it regularly. brake cylinder.

Disc brakes are mainly composed of a brake disc (brake disc) connected to the wheel and a brake caliper. When we step on the brakes, the hydraulic oil in the brake master cylinder is squeezed and pressed into the brake caliper piston, and the brake caliper piston is displaced by the hydraulic pressure. This movement will make the brake pads tightly clamp the middle brake disc, thereby producing a braking effect.

The failure rate of brake calipers is low. If there is a failure, the main symptoms are as follows:

1.Oil leakage in the system; the phenomenon of oil leakage is relatively easy to judge, as long as we usually check whether there is oil leakage near the brake oil pipe around the wheel hub, and check whether the oil level of the brake oil tank is too low, we can find this problem in time

2.Poor return; There are mainly two types of inspection and detection methods for poor return:

(1)Make a rough judgment by observing the discoloration around the brake caliper and the discoloration of the hub frame. When the position is not returned properly, the wear of the brake pad will be accelerated due to overheating, and the falling debris will adhere to the entire hub.

(2)Use a jack to prop up any wheel, then release the handbrake, and turn the tire by hand without stepping on the brake. If one of the wheels is found to be more laborious, then this wheel may have a bad piston return.

Brake Tool Set Description

This brake tool set, caliper wind back kit contains all tools required for brake pads replacement. It is compatible with almost all types of vehicles.

Supplied with left and right handed thrust bolts, this tool kit allows you to rotate the pistons back into the caliper providing clearance for new brake pads. At the same time, it will keep the gasket free from damage.

This tool kit is crafted by hardened and tempered carbon steel, ensuring its maximum durability for years of use. All tools are well stored in a sturdy case.

Specifications of Bruide B-2018C

Color: Gray

Dimensions: (13.18 x 2.75 x 9.25)" / (33.5 x 7 x 23.5)cm (L x W x H)

Quantity: 21 Pcs

Adaptable Car: Universal

Material: 45 # Steel

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