Bushing Tool for Vauxhall/Opel Vectra

We highly recommend our Model B-2054 bushing tools for Vauxhall/Opel Vectra. High quality Vauxhall/Opel Vectra rear suspension bush removal/installation kit.


Specially designed for replacing the rear upper and lower suspension trailing arm bushes.

Allows the bushes to be removed/fitted quickly and easily without causing damage.

Chemically blackened finish.

This bushing tool suitable for:

Vauxhall / Opel Vectra 1.6l / 1.8l & 2.0l 1995+ models.

Vauxhall / Opel Vectra 2.5l m#1996+ models.

Please note this can be a very tight fit on some Vectra models, (particularly Vectra C models).

What is bushing?

The car chassis is actually composed of a large number of metals. The frame needs to be connected with the front and rear sub-frames, and the sub-frame and suspension components also need to be connected. Among them, special parts are needed for soft connection. After the bushing , the connection between metal and metal can be more harmonious, and the life of the chassis will be longer. So the bushing is actually used for the connection between the chassis and to improve the life of the chassis.

The material of the bushing?

In view of cost and comfort considerations, the original bushings are generally made of rubber, but due to the physical properties of rubber, the original bushings are prone to aging, hardening and even damage. The aging and damage of the bushing will not only affect the comfort to a certain extent, but also affect the overall handling of the car. The aging rubber will increase the resistance of the rotation, the direction control will become dull, and the pointing will be inaccurate. If it is weakened, there will be different degrees of abnormal noise or jitters.

How often should the bushing be replaced?

Automobile bushings are generally not damaged during use, and there is no question of how often to replace them. If the differential bushing is broken, it is likely that the differential has abnormal gear meshing and should be replaced in time. If there is a problem with the differential bushing, the vehicle will appear abnormal when turning while driving.

A car differential is a mechanism that makes the left and right or front and rear drive wheels turn at different speeds. The differential is mainly composed of left and right side gears, two planetary gears and a planetary carrier. When the car is driving on a road with poor road conditions, the wheels on the left and right sides of the car can roll at different speeds to ensure the normal operation of the car.

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