Find the Universal Clutch Alignment Tool That Fits Your Needs

1. What is a universal alignment tool for clutches?

Well, a clutch alignment tool is a small plastic piece that comes with any new clutch disc. The alignment tool is the most boring and necessary part of any new clutch installation. Any gearhead worth his salt knows the pain that comes with replacing a clutch. Transmissions are heavy, and you'll surely get everything covered in grease, maneuvering around underneath your car is all frustrating, and if your clutch isn't properly aligned, your car will have a hard time getting into gear.


2. Find your universal clutch alignment tool

A universal clutch alignment tool is usually included in a complete clutch kit, but if you're only changing the clutch disc, you'll have to purchase it separately. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, every car has a different clutch setup, so you have to be careful to choose your tool to make sure you're using the correct setup. Basically, you need to find the number of splines on your transmission assembly, and then you need to find a transmission alignment tool with the same number of splines.

You can use online tools to help find the right tool, and most importantly, do not use the wrong size alignment tool for your clutch. If it slips, wobbles, or you have to force it in, get a different tool. You don't want to risk damaging your transmission, slipping the clutch, and wasting a lot of money on the wrong tool.

3. Understand the role of your universal clutch alignment tool

Your flywheel bolts to the back of the engine's crankshaft via bolts, with a large bearing inside the crankshaft that allows the component to rotate freely. Having your flywheel rotate freely is essential for a car that functions properly – it stores rotational energy and allows your vehicle to continue to rotate even when you're stepping on the clutch. If the flywheel can't rotate, your car won't shift.

So, a freely rotating flywheel is typically what you want. But to install a new clutch disc, you need to hold the flywheel in the correct orientation. That's where the universal clutch alignment tool comes in. It inserts into the bearing on the back of the flywheel's rotating crankshaft to hold it steady as you install the new clutch.

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