How to Choose a Hydraulic Wheel Hub Puller?

The hydraulic hub puller is a specialized tool that can help remove wheels and effectively improve work efficiency during car repairs. There are some things to pay attention to when choosing a hydraulic hub puller.

1. Hydraulic hub puller selection considerations

Firstly, choose a suitable hydraulic hub puller according to the size of the wheel hub. Generally, the larger the diameter of the wheel hub, the larger the size of the puller. In addition, also pay attention to the type of wheel hub, as some pullers are only suitable for certain types of wheel hubs.

Secondly, select a hydraulic hub puller with stable performance. Generally, pullers with better performance have stronger carrying capacity, more stable working performance and longer service life.

Thirdly, choose a hydraulic hub puller that is easy to operate. Generally, easy-to-use pullers not only have good operation performance, but also have lighter weight, making them easy to carry and use.

Finally, choose a safe and reliable hydraulic hub puller. Generally, a safe and reliable hydraulic hub puller not only has good safety performance, but also has enough durability to effectively prevent accidents.

In summary, when choosing a hydraulic hub puller, select a suitable size, stable performance, easy-to-operate and safe and reliable puller according to actual conditions, to ensure work efficiency and improve the quality of car repairs.

2. Hydraulic hub puller usage considerations

The use of a hydraulic hub puller is very convenient and safe. However, there are still some precautions to be taken when using the hydraulic hub puller to ensure safe use.

Firstly, before using the hydraulic hub puller, be sure to check the connection of the bolts and screws on the wheel hub to ensure their tightness. If they are too loose or too tight, adjust them until the bolts and screws reach the normal tightness.

Secondly, when using the hydraulic hub puller, ensure that the hydraulic oil tank on the hydraulic hub puller is full and that the oil quality meets the requirements, to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

In addition, when using the hydraulic hub puller, ensure that all screws on the puller are firm, otherwise accidents may occur.

Also, when using a hydraulic hub puller, ensure that the air pipes are firm and check them frequently to ensure they are intact and do not leak.

Finally, to protect the hydraulic hub puller, avoid applying too much force to the puller to prevent damage to its components.

In conclusion, when using a hydraulic hub puller, strictly follow the above precautions to ensure safe use.

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