Knowledge of Ball Joint

Car ball joint function:

Ball joints allow a vehicle's suspension to move up and down, while also allowing the wheels to steer left or right. They are found on a vehicle's front suspension because the front suspension is what allows a vehicle to make turns.

The car ball joint is usually made up of a spherical ball seat and a club that cooperates with it. The ball seat is fixed on the vehicle frame, and the club is then connected to the wheel.When the vehicle is running, the ball joint can rotate freely, so that the wheels can move freely with the ups and downs of the road surface and the change of the steering angle, thus ensuring the stability and safety of driving.

In addition, the car ball joint also has a certain buffering effect. When the vehicle is running and the road surface is uneven or encounters an obstacle, the ball head can buffer the vibration, reduce the bump and shaking of the vehicle body, and improve the driving comfort of the vehicle.

How to tell your car has a bad ball joint? 

1. When the car is driving on a rough road, it will make abnormal noise;

2. When the car is running at low speed, you can obviously feel the shaking of the wheels;

3. The car will become unstable during driving, sway from side to side, go off track, or even brake failure;

4. The ball head of the car is too large, it is easy to break when it hits, and it may cause more serious accidents.

What tools will I need for ball joint replacement?

Ball joint removal tool kit (including C-clamp and adapters) 

Socket, ratchet, torque, and extension wrenches 

Socket air tools 

Needle nose pliers 


Tire iron 

Side cutters 

Axle press 


Shop towels 

Rust penetrant 

We highly recommend our popular ball joint removal tool kit B-2037:21pcs Master Ball Joint Adapter Set

Bruide B-2037 can be used for use on all cars and light trucks that have press-fit type ball joints without the need to remove the control arm from the vehicle.

Detail accessories:

C-frame and forcing screw,Installation Adaptor,Removal Adaptor, Installation Cups, Removal Cups, Receiving Tubes

How often should I replace a ball joint on the same vehicle?

Ball joints typically last 70,000 to 150,000 miles depending on their usage and road conditions. Clunking noises, poor handling, pulling, and abnormal wearing of your tires are all signs of a worn ball joint. If you see uneven tread wear patterns on your tire, you should have your ball joints checked.

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