Knowledge of Steering Wheel Puller

Background technique:

In the production process of the automobile manufacturing industry, it is necessary to ensure that the steering wheel is completely aligned after assembly. However, since many factories have assembled the steering wheel, airbag and other components on the production line, the steering wheel will be misaligned after the four-wheel alignment is completed. In some cases, rework is required, and the steering wheel is disassembled and reassembled in place.

How to use the steering wheel puller:

Have you tried removing your steering wheel but you're on the edge of bending it cause it won't budge? Then we gonna introduce you a special tool named the steering wheel puller, which is for repairing or replacing a car steering wheel. It is designed to safely and quickly remove steering wheels with minimum effort. To use, pop off your center horn pad, loosen the center nuts and find the two threaded holes in the wheel designed for this puller. Position the yoke over the holes and find the correct bolts to fit then wind the lead screw in with a spacer between the end and the center nut of the steering wheel. Continue winding the lead screw in until the wheel is freed from the shaft. No more yanking and rocking to free your steering wheels from your car's grip necessary.


Different car models have different removal methods for the steering wheel. If you are inexperienced in the steering wheel puller, you can go to the 4S shop and ask professionals to help dismantle it, so as to avoid damage to the steering wheel or corresponding parts, which will affect the life of the car and affect the driving safety of the car.


Bruide B-3018 steering wheel puller kit has a minimum/maximum spacing of 38/85MM or 1.5"/3.35" inches to ensure that the toolset can be used for many types of steering wheel puller work. This steering wheel puller kit is heat treated for strength and is a professional-grade toolset, constructed for both light and heavy-duty use.


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