The Type and Selection of Hydraulic Brake Flaring Tools

Today there are many types of hydraulic brake flaring tools. Some are large and suitable for repair shops, while others are compact and suitable for personal repair tasks. This makes it difficult to choose the best type.

1. Types of hydraulic brake flaring tools

The torch son depends on the type of torch tool used. Availability is also important, with four main types of hydraulic brake flaring tools available: manual, hydraulic, single torch, double torch, or bubble flare torch kit.

Manual and hydraulic brake flaring tool kits: Manual kits require you to use threaded rods and wrenches to create flares on the brake line. The main advantage of this type of torch tool is that it is very portable and can be carried with you. However, it may be time-consuming to use. Hydraulic brake line hydraulic brake flaring tools use a foot pump to generate pressure to flare the brake line. This makes it easy for you to create flares with less physical exertion. The main disadvantage of hydraulic brake flaring tools is that they may be very bulky.

Single and double hydraulic brake flaring tool kits: Hydraulic brake flaring tool kits can also be single flare or double hydraulic brake flaring tools. Single torch tools create a single torch and are usually cheaper than double torch types. You don't want a single flare on a brake line that is subjected to high pressure. Therefore, it is usually a coolant or fuel line hydraulic brake flaring tool kit.

Double hydraulic brake flaring tool kits can create a single flare or a double flare. This is the most versatile torch tool- but more expensive. Double flares provide a stronger connection. Therefore, these types of kits are the most suitable brake line tools when dealing with flare ends.

Bubble flare tool kit: As the name suggests, this type of pipe hydraulic brake flaring tool kit can produce bubble flares. Bubble flares are also widely used, but are not as popular as double flares in most lines. If you have a double torch tool kit, it may also be able to produce bubble torches.

2. Considerations for choosing hydraulic brake flaring tools

Some torch tools are also suitable for certain types of pipes and not for other types of pipes. For example, a fuel line hydraulic brake flaring tool kit may only produce a single flare and may not be suitable for brake lines. The best hydraulic brake flaring tool kit for brake lines must be able to produce double flares.

Make sure that the hydraulic brake flaring tool kit is easy to use and comes with the necessary tools. If you don't already have a pipe cutter, you may prefer a kit that comes with one. Kits with extra accessories undoubtedly cost more. However, they are more cost-effective than buying extra tools separately.

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