Why Is It Necessary to Use an Injector Puller?

Now many families have purchased cars, and during the use of the car, there may be some failures, and it is necessary to carry out maintenance at this time. What are the commonly used vehicle power maintenance tools, and what tools will be used to repair the vehicle? Whether you are a mechanic with an extraordinary understanding of engine operation, a car enthusiast with self-taught auto mechanic skills, whether you are a trained auto mechanic or just developing a love for engines, injector pullers are Workshop equipment you should be familiar with.

1. Reasons for using the injector puller

Since the fuel injector and the engine are detachably connected, and the fuel injector often needs to be removed for maintenance or replacement, the removal of the fuel injector occupies a certain proportion in the working process of the engine. Most of the dismantling devices for injectors currently used are applied to top-stop fuel injectors, and the dismantling device is connected to the upper end of the injector during the disassembly process, and has a small area of action with the injector, which is less practical. low problem. For the disassembly of the non-top-stop fuel injector, it is necessary to remove all the rocker arm chambers above the cylinder head before the fuel injector can be disassembled. The operation is cumbersome and the disassembly efficiency is low. For this reason, CHITENG has produced an injector extractor for valve engines, which has a simple structure and is easy to use. It will not damage the accessories during the process of extracting the injector, and at the same time, the working hours are greatly shortened and the extraction efficiency is improved.

2. The injector puller protects your engine from damage

The failure of the injector will directly cause the abnormal phenomenon of the engine. After the engine injector troubleshooting is accurate, use the injector puller to disassemble the injector for repair. If the damage is serious, it should be replaced. Pay attention to pressure relief when disassembling the injector assembly. When clamped with a vise, the injector should be covered with thin copper skin. During the adjustment test, do not put your hand under the injector. There are many ways to remove an injector, but none are as engine friendly as an injector puller. Make sure to buy an engine puller to prevent other tools from damaging the fuel system.

A fuel injector is a simple device that takes on a lot of tasks and can save a lot. From improved safety to reduced expense, it's thanks to visionary design in injector pullers that fulfill human desires. Buy an injector puller to get hardware insurance for your car and yourself.

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