How Can I Tell When It's Time To Replace the Spark Plugs?

Spark plug is an important component of the ignition system of gasoline engine, it is somewhat similar to the ignition needle on our gas stove, is through the introduction of high-voltage electricity into the combustion chamber to produce a spark, so as to ignite the combustible mixture in the cylinder, hence the name spark plug. 

What Happens, Indicating That The Spark Plug Must Be Replaced?

First of all, spark plugs have a replacement cycle, ordinary nickel alloy spark plugs need to be replaced once around 20,000 km, platinum spark plugs are replaced around 40,000 km, iridium spark plugs can be used for about 60-80,000 km and then replaced. So the replacement cycle depends on what type of spark plugs you have, generally only the higher priced cars will use iridium spark plugs, most models are using nickel alloy or platinum spark plugs.

In addition to the replacement cycle, you can also look at the performance of the engine in the driving process, such as a sudden decline in power performance, climbing powerless, or ignition difficulties, or frequent engine stalling, may be a spark plug has been a problem, one or more of the spark plug damage, resulting in a decline in power performance.

Spark Plug Damage Generally Have The Following Kinds Of Situations

First, the spark plug electrode gap change, generally 0.7 ~ 0.9mm, the spark plug gap varies depending on the model, in general, according to the manual with the car can be adjusted, if the gap between the electrode is too large, the spark plug will not ignite the situation, resulting in the driving process stalled. If the gap between the spark plug electrodes is too small, the spark plug will be easy to appear electrode ablation.

Second, check the spark plug there is no carbon, oil stains, etc., or smoked black, glaze layer, which will also obviously affect the ignition effect of the spark plug, can be cleaned, if still not, we must disassemble the spark plug.

Spark plug disassembly, you can disconnect the spark plug. Basically, when disassembling the spark plug, the white ceramic insulator is screwed off, but the spark plug head is still stuck in there. How to remove the broken spark plug is a very technical issue. If you do not have experience in this area, it is best not to try it easily. You can use a glow plug removal tool to assist you in removing the spark plugs.

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