Injector Removal Tool Easily Solves Common Injector Failures

Common Failures

1. when the diesel engine temperature is low, starting difficulties, white smoke from the exhaust pipe, the diesel engine temperature rises, it becomes black smoke. And high fuel consumption.

When the injector work, the needle valve body sealing cone will be subject to frequent strong impact of the needle valve, coupled with the high pressure fuel is constantly injected from the place, the cone surface will gradually appear wear or spot, thus causing the injector drip. Check whether the movement of the needle valve is flexible, the cone surface should be free of wear and sealing otherwise need to replace the new injector parts.

2. so that the injection pressure is reduced, the injection time is delayed, the engine power decreases, and even cause the diesel engine to stall.

When the needle valve coupling is severely worn or needle valve body and injector shell with not tight enough, the injector return volume is significantly increased, but also need to pay attention to the valve plate, this once worn will also lead to excessive injector return volume, affecting engine performance.

The Solution Of Injector Removal Tool

As the injector and the engine using a removable connection, and injectors often need to be removed for repair or replacement, therefore, the disassembly of the injector in the engine work process occupies a certain proportion.

Engine injector troubleshooting after accurate judgment, the application of injector removal tools to disassemble the injector repair. If the damage is seriousm the injector should be replaced. The use of injector disassembly tools pay attention to unloading pressure. When clamped in a vise, the injector should be wrapped with thin copper skin corner. In the adjustment test, do not put your hand under the injector.

Injector Disassembly Tool Disassembly Method

1. Disassembly of the injector assembly

(1) Loosen the high-pressure oil pipe fitting nut (pay attention to unloading pressure).

(2) Remove the high-pressure oil pipe and fixing clip.

(3) Remove the oil return pipe.

(4) After removing the injector retaining nut, remove the injector assembly with a spreader bar.

(5) parts preparation: plunger coupling 6 pairs, 6 injectors.

2. Decomposition of the assembly

(1) the injector fixed in a vise, remove the cap with a wrench.

(2) use a screw to spin out the adjusting screw.

(3) remove the gasket, adjust the spring, arbor.

(4) With the injector nozzle facing up, remove the nozzle cap nut with a socket wrench.

(5) Remove the needle valve coupling.

3. Assembly 

Injector assembly in the reverse order of disassembly, but must pay attention to the following points:

(1) in the assembly of the needle valve body coupling, positioning pin and injector positioning hole alignment.

(2) tighten the nozzle cover nut according to the specified torque, the torque is 42-50N / m.

(3) pay attention to the elasticity of the regulating spring.

(4) adjust the screw screwed into the depth to be appropriate.

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