The Introduction of 3 Jaw Puller

What is 3 jaw puller?

The 3 jaw puller is a commonly used tool in mechanical maintenance. Mainly used to remove damaged bearings from the bearing along the bearing direction, can be used for internal or external pullers.

3 jaw pullers are divided into manual and hydraulic pullers.

2 jaw and 3 jaw pullers:

It is mainly composed of a handle, a screw rod and a claw. There are two claws and three claws. The main dimensions are the length of the claws, the distance between the claws, and the length of the screw to adapt to bearings with different diameters and different axial installation depths. When in use, the top of the screw is positioned in the top hole of the shaft end to adjust the position of the claw, so that the claw is hooked to the outer ring of the bearing, and the handle is rotated to drive the claw to move the bearing outward along the axial direction for removal.

The most common types of puller are available in either 3 jaw or 2 jaw configurations. 3 jaw pullers are the most widely used because the extra jaw helps distribute the force more evenly. But where access is limited a 2-jaw puller can be used, provided it is used carefully.


Our 3 jaw puller advantage:

Our external pullers are designed to deliver and built to last. They deliver exceptional performance while exceeding safety standards. The center bolt threads are designed to achieve high torque with less effort; the nut is recessed to avoid mushrooming and disfiguration from impact; our slim tapered jaws allow for easier gripping and better access to tight spots; and the Cage tops it all off, guiding the jaws for fast setup, solid contact, and superior safety.

How to buy Pullers:

Pullers are available to buy individually, or as part of a set. If you expect to carry out different pulling jobs regularly then consider buying a set. A typical set will include the puller, a pump, a hose, and pressure gauge. Master puller sets include not just one puller type but also, cross bearing puller, a bearing separator, and a bearing cup puller.

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