What Are the Reasons for Using a Hydraulic Bearing Extractor?

Why use a hydraulic bearing extractor?

The hydraulic bearing extractor is a device that takes out the inner bearing from the bearing seat. It is a built-in hydraulic bearing extractor, which includes a mounting plate, tension bolts and wire bolts; there are no less than two tension bolts, each tension force The bottom of the bolt is provided with a pulling claw that can hang the bottom of the built-in bearing, a fastening nut is installed on each tension bolt, and there is no less than one long hole in the middle of the mounting plate, and the width of the long hole is larger than the diameter of the tension bolt. The lower end of each tension bolt passes through the long hole and extends below the mounting plate, and the fastening nut can be clamped on the mounting plate at the long hole; no less than two positioning nuts are fixed on the mounting plate outside the long hole. The utility model has a reasonable and compact structure, can quickly and easily remove graphite and silicon carbide bearings of different diameters and lengths, and will not cause damage to the inner bearing during removal, thus greatly reducing the damage to the inner bearing. The increase in cost also greatly improves the work efficiency of removing the inner bearing.

Characteristics and classification of hydraulic bearing extractor

Hydraulic bearing extractors are essential tools used in many industries. The hydraulic bearing extractor is a new ideal tool to replace traditional pullers. The bearing puller in the axle hub is characterized in that it includes a puller sleeve, a guide column and a guide block. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible use, convenient and labor-saving operation, less site restrictions, and suitable for various maintenance sites. Using the hydraulic bearing extractor can easily pull out the bearing in the axle hub of the truck without damaging the axle housing and other valuable parts.

There are different classifications of hydraulic bearing extractors, which are roughly divided into single hydraulic bearing extractors and hydraulic bearing extractor groups. They can also be subdivided into hydraulic, manual and pneumatic types under their respective categories. Especially the hydraulic bearing extractor set, although there are not many tools, different combinations can form different car tool kit sets for use.

Avoid storing the hydraulic bearing extractor in dust, which is more likely to rust. And avoid frequent exposure to harsh environments such as strong corrosives or other fluids.

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